1 Day Business Development Workshop

Our Business development Training has been designed to support professional service organisations to upskill their people in effective business development practices.

This training can be tailored to your organisation and could include workshops as well as ongoing business development coaching.

Due to market saturation, this is even more important than ever and the old ‘hunt and kill’ style sales methodologies are not only ineffective but will most likely sent most potential clients running in the other direction.

In order for service based organisations to survive, they need to focus on building relationships with customers, understanding their issues and challenges and finding solutions. Through this methodology we find that the net value of transactions increase, the likelihood of return customers increases, and word of mouth referrals increase.

Whilst we would design the content to specifically meet your needs, this is an example of a one day course

  1. Getting to know your customer
  2. Generosity
  3. Being solutions focussed
  4. Nurturing relationships
  5. Closing the deal
  6. Getting referrals
  7. Building your network
  8. Being Credible

These items are all important skills in business development. The workshop would be highly interactive, and include theory and live simulation. This will provide participants with the opportunity to practice skills, learn how to deal with objections through the process and most importantly how to embed business development into their daily practice.

Embedding the Skills

Following the 1 day workshop many organisations decide to provide coaching to embed the skills and provide accountability for their implementation. Whilst some organisations work to provide that internally most find that they lack the appropriate resources of both time and expertise to deliver this consistently and choose to have us provide professional business development coaching to their employees as part of an overall.

If you would like to find out more please contact the DLPA Team.