Bespoke Solution

DLPA’s Bespoke Solution provides each client with the opportunity to construct a purpose-built program, which is strongly aligned with the key development areas and strategy requirements of each organisation. The Bespoke Solution factors in the business strategy, the people involved, and the change that is required for sustained success over time.

Complementary to its flexible and hybrid structure, the Bespoke Solution is structured in alignment with each client’s business strategy, with a focus on people as a key profit driver. DLPA’s Bespoke Solution is strategy-driven and prompts results measurable through your KPIs.

The Bespoke Solution is a valuable and cost-effective way to target key barriers and limitations to high performance within your individual organisation. DLPA, through their commitment to quality customer service, is dedicated to meeting the expectations of each client, addressing each key performance concern as they are identified.

Delivering coordinated and achievable actions over a period of time, we encourage our clients to work with us in monitoring and optimising the ROI of our programs throughout their partnership with us.

DLPA’s Bespoke Solution provides:

  • Flexible module selection across leadership consultancy and business development, with a focus on the core development areas of Productivity, Profit, People and Proficiency
  • Regular meetings and communications to assess the progress of the program
  • Continuous adjustments made to the program as it progresses, ensuring that key issues are addressed and, ROI and KPIs expectations are met

Key Outcomes:

  • Team alignment with the core objectives of the business strategy
  • Increased team dedication towards delivering their unit’s outcomes
  • Development of highly productive business units
  • Individuals equipped with the skills they need for strategy execution
  • Increase in commitment to a path of future continual improvement

Tailor a development program to meet your key needs! Contact us to learn more about our flexible bespoke program structure.