Change Management Programs

Every project and business environment is unique. and as such we do not adopt a one size fits all approach.Instead, we gain an understanding of your environment and construct a program specific to you to ensure optimum results.

In broad terms the program would likely include the following phases:

Change Readiness Assessment

Where change is concerned – timing is everything. Prior to rolling out major change it’s important to first assess how ready your organisation is to be fully supportive of the desired change – and ultimately embrace the new environment.

There may be times when it is advisable to build capacity for change before embarking on your transformational project.

The Change Readiness assessment will be performed with a blend of surveys, interviews and focus groups, and will reveal how ready you are for change and identify any areas that should be strengthened to support the change.

Capacity Building

Change can absorb resources, and disrupt your workforce. It is
important to build capacity for change prior to, or adjacent to, a change roll out. Some activities we may embark on during the Capacity Building phase include workshops that build resilience to change, workshops that enable participants to be effective change agents and ambassadors, coaching, training and process redesign. Through tailoring these tools to your unique requirements, we ensure that your workforce is equipped to not only survive but thrive in accelerated change environments. This phase also ensures that productivity is actually maximised through the change process.

Change Planning and Implementation

This is the most customised phase. This will involve formulation and implementation of communication plans, consultation activities, establishment of continuous feedback loops and cultural change initiatives to support and extend your organisational change capability now and into the future.

Measuring the Effect of Change

Critical to any change initiative is regular data and evidence based feedback on the effect of the change. We ensure that we monitor the data – from surveys to interviews to output metrics – to ensure that the change initiative is on target, on budget and most importantly yielding improved outcomes.