Coaching Program

To facilitate positive culture shifts for your organisation, our 6-month Coaching Program is designed to connect your current or emerging leaders with an experienced DLPA coach. Embedded in the key objectives of the corporate strategy, our solution focuses on promoting key strengths and professional performance of your key leaders.

Driven by the key goals of increasing productivity, supporting positive mindsets and management skill development and ensuring consistent return on investment, our Coaching Program actively targets key barriers to performance and maximises the potential and effectiveness of your leaders.

Our Coaching Program provides continued learning support and clarity for required future action. This involved approach allows DLPA to provide significant return in improvements of individual performance, promoting both professional performance and personal success.

The program involves tailored fortnightly sessions for 26 weeks, and is available as part of a broader leadership development program, or as a stand-alone module.

DLPA’s Coaching Program includes:

  • Coaching particular individuals to develop their leadership style and ability
  • Mastering thought processes and mindset
  • Learning and developing skills in self-leadership and broader management skills, including time management, productivity, conflict management, communication skills
  • Developing a particular leadership style to stand out in the organisation as a dynamic leader

Key Outcomes:

  • Gain real-time support for current workplace challenges
  • Learn, develop and implement leadership and broader management skills
  • Be supported by a coach
  • Become a strong, dynamic leader who pursues continual self-improvement

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