Dynamic Leadership Development

Our Dynamic Leadership Program empowers participants to optimise their professional performance through the development and consolidation of essential leadership, time management and communication skills.

Precisely executing a coordinated long-term support system for your key leadership teams, DLPA acts as an invaluable, ingrained support resource for your company. Our professional and qualified mentorship ensures that your organisation achieves quality results.

Over the duration of our partnership, we comprehensively reinforce our series of bespoke skill-building modules that are crucial to maximise leadership impact and organisational performance. The coordinated nature of our Dynamic Leadership Program supports the growth of underdeveloped skills under our Three P model – Profit, Proficiency, and People.

Driven by your strategic objectives, we work closely with your stakeholders to understand your expected results, and tailor our program goals to your organisational priorities.

What to expect:

This program is fully tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, and includes unique content, designed to meet the objectives we develop with your organisation’s key stakeholders.

It begins with a two-day intensive workshop, conducted within a residential setting. This initial workshop acts as a springboard into a coordinated program of tailored skill development. In this stage, we consider and work through the key values held, and cultural issues faced by your teams.

Progressing to a twelve-month coaching program, we hold regular workshops to fill out other key skill areas that support high performance across the board. These workshops ensure that you team stays on track, and has guidance to manage any challenges the organisation may be experiencing.

This program is ideal for organisations driving long-term change initiatives, and creating positive and highly productive work cultures.

DLPA’s Dynamic Leadership Program includes:

  • Identifying and embedding core values into your organisation
  • Defining and committing to clear organisational goals
  • Refining skills including time management, productive team processes, conflict management and communication
  • Provides organisational insight and foresight through skills gap analysis, succession planning, risk management and strategic alignment

Key Outcomes:

  • Individuals emerge as highly focused and motivated leaders
  • Team executives can develop their individual leadership style
  • Individuals commit to continual improvement
  • Effective leverage of a team’s points of difference
  • Increase motivation, goal-orientation and performance
  • Create a more positive and productive culture
  • Team is encouraged to have 100% of their focus on strategy achievement

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