Leadership Compass

The Leadership Compass is an experiential, one-day intensive program, where groups of 8-12 work collaboratively together in a fun and relaxed environment. The program is structured around group engagement and developing true leadership within an organisation, and includes in-house support. Participants emerge from the program motivated, focused, and energised, ready to develop a healthy, supportive, team culture.

DLPA’s Leadership Compass module includes:

  • Assisting individuals to identify their core values
  • Identifying and resolving intra- and inter-personal and professional value conflicts
  • Providing an opportunity for individuals to deepen understanding of themselves and their colleagues
  • Encouraging a support network between the team members
  • Allowing work teams to get to know their team members better, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Setting clear goals and key milestones to ensure participants stay on track

Key Outcomes:

  • Motivated and energised staff, with a renewed sense of team bonding
  • Deepened understanding of individuals’ own values and how they shape their choices and behaviours
  • Development of a healthy team culture

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