Our Team

Lenore Miller

In her role as principal of Dynamic Leadership Programs Australia (DLPA), Lenore is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential and assisting organisations to fully leverage the power of their people.

As a qualified sociologist with over 15 years experience in professional coaching, mentoring and business development facilitation and training, Lenore has spent her career leading and guiding others to bring out the best in themselves and their team members. Lenore has worked with Big 4 Banks, launched her own successful business, and continues to consult to businesses of all sizes.

With academic qualifications in social science, relationship counselling and certifications in coaching, Lenore has an extensive background in helping people to reach their potential, and motivating leading professionals to drive successful organisational results.

Karlie Cremin

As a principal of DLPA, Karlie incorporates her extensive academic background and breadth of industry experience to provide unique solutions tailored to any business environment. Karlie has worked as a professional consultant for 15 years, providing practical solutions for commercial issues such as business disputes, process design, business model design, financing options and cost structure.

With a focus on business sustainability and profitability, Karlie recognises that people integrated with a supportive work culture are key drivers of profitability and performance. This perspective motivates Karlie to work with the people in organisations, equipping them with the hard and soft business skills to execute business strategy and deliver outcomes.

Karlie has predominantly worked in the construction sector, as well as a suite of other industries from finance to car rental. Through her efforts as a consultant, Karlie has supported businesses as they have gone from $10 million turnover to $50 million. Karlie’s academic qualifications have groundings in commerce, law, with a focus on employment law, and business administration, giving her a well-rounded perception of the key factors driving business performance in current markets.