Two-Day Intensive

The Two-Day Intensive is a concentrated workshop that provides an innovative mix of team building, skill development, and personal reflection in a fun and motivating atmosphere.

As the perfect jumpstart for your work environment, the Two-Day Intensive energises and inspires your team to take a fresh perspective on their individual values and their potential for leadership.

The program is ideal for teams, as well as for management executives and emerging leaders in organisations. It can be conducted in conjunction with other programs, or as a stand-alone module.

DLPA’s Two-Day Intensive module provides:

  • Identification and development of individual values, aligning them to organisational priorities
  • Elaborated support that is responsive the values and key skill gaps identified
  • Team-building and skill development exercises that are fixated on achieving key strategic objectives
  • Development and reinforcement of core professional and leadership capabilities, such as communication, negotiation and self-leadership and management.

Key Outcomes:

  • Profound outcomes to your leaders and emerging leaders
  • Development of stress management tactics
  • Development of time management skills
  • Identification of each person’s unique point of difference
  • Strengthening of leadership skills
  • Energised and inspired leadership teams, with a renewed focus on meeting performance objectives

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