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We’ve all been there. You want it so bad it causes physical pain. You’re doing everything you can think of. You are Googling inane phrases like “how to make my business successful” and “how to create passive income”. The kids seem to know the babysitter better than you. You quite frankly have nothing left in the tank.

And the frustrating truth is that wanting it is simply not enough. As much as we talk about it coming down to determination and perseverance, that isn’t the secret recipe. Plenty of people have those things and try valiantly and whole-heartedly all the way to bankruptcy.

So what do you do when wanting it isn’t enough? Ultimately there are thousands if not millions of variables at play at any one moment that affect outcome – and mean that there will never be a program of steps 1-12 that guarantees success. However, there are general principles that increase the likelihood of success.

Keep it real

Without wanting to be a wet blanket, goals must be realistic to serve a purpose. That’s not to say don’t dream. In fact my dreams are probably more grandiose than most. However, my goals are real, attainable and chunked down into steps so that I can celebrate milestones along the way. After all, life is a journey and death is the destination!

Scan your environment

You must keep your eye on emerging trends and opportunities. Traditional industries and sectors no longer exist. Threats and opportunities come from everywhere, and success will likely lay in being a first mover in a new and as-yet-unimagined opportunity.

Deliver what you sell

This is potentially the biggest one. So many people shape the message to fit what will convert sales – completely overlooking the fact it is not what they deliver. Be honest with your customers and prospects. Word travels fast and no one likes to be misled.

Make it sustainable

Bursts of energy do achieve a lot, however, the tortoise does tend to win the race. Build a business and workflow that serves you. Whether that’s building time into your diary to see and really be with your family, having that gym class or just a bit of you time, you need to make sure that you are not building a workflow that will eventually run you into the ground. Build transferable processes, outsource what you can, and look after you!

Get connected

Ultimately people buy from people they know and like. You need to get connected to people in a human way. Don’t be that person who only phones when they want something. Create meaningful connections with people that serve both parties and leverage the magic that occurs between human beings in open dialogue. It may result in a sale now or in twenty years’ time, or it may just add to the rich tapestry of life. Either way, genuine social connection (even in a business context) will serve you well.

Our software is designed to support an outcome, not to offer a 'one size fits all' solution.

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