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Changing the way we think about Women in Construction

Whilst a great deal of the conversation around diversity is socially driven, there is also a strong economic case for it. In this white paper, Karlie details how we can start building the traction we need to change participation levels by focusing on some different conversations.

Career Success - can you have both money and meaning in your career?

The purpose of this white paper is to investigate what prevents people from realising their career potential and how each person can leverage their value proposition to find their Employer of Choice.

7 Steps to effectively managing your time

Everyone is overwhelmingly busy these days. So many of us work from the moment we wake up through to when we go to bed. And we wonder why we don’t sleep very well!

Effective time management is critical to truly experiencing a balanced life – and being the best version of ourselves. In the face of so much to do it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Follow these 7 steps to managing your time, and feel less overwhelmed.

The Human Workplace

There is a groundswell gaining momentum. The workforce is demanding to be differentiated from machine, and recognized as human beings. The workforce wants to be seen and heard, and meaningfully contribute. Organisations must adapt to this demand, or risk perishing in history as a relic of the past.

Why Leadership Programs fail

It seems like every time we present a proposal the potential client will look at us with an almost accusatory look and say, “Why do most leadership programs fail?”. The insinuation being that ours would fail as well. If you are going to go to the expense of running a leadership program in your organisation there are several areas you need to assess and continue to monitor throughout the life of the program in order to ensure success. Groundswell gaining momentum. 

Software designed to support an outcome.

Not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

A development plan that allows for goals to be captured, measured and discussed throughout the year, leading to greater productivity and increasingly desirable business outcomes.