The Dynamic Leader

Our signature program; equipping leaders to thrive and innovate through adversity and change.

About The Course

The Dynamic Leadership Program is DLPA’s signature program. It empowers participants to optimise their professional performance by providing organisational insight and foresight through skills gap analysis, succession planning, risk management, and strategic alignment. A key focus of this program is on resilience and driving innovation, particularly through times of change and adversity.

3 days of intensive learning leave participants energised and ready to turbo charge their teams. A small group of up to 15 particpants creates an intimate and highly focused learning environment like no other. We create sustainable behavioural change, with tools ready to take back into the workplace.

If you are interested in the Dynamic Leadership Program, please refer to our events page to view our schedule for the year.

Why do leadership programs fail?

They come in a shiny box but deliver poor quality

They don't meet the current needs of the participants

There is a lack of senior management buy in

In this exciting program, DLPA focuses on providing participants with resources, self-awareness and knowledge to:

If you are interested in the Dynamic Leadership Program, please refer to our events page to view our schedule for the year.

What does the organisation get?

Whilst the course content is specific to the individuals on each cohort, we anticipate that the following topics will be covered throughout the program
  • Resilience and managing through change and adversity

  • Developing the habit of innovation

  • Identifying and embedding core values into your organisation

  • Defining and committing to clear organisational goals

  • Refining skills including time management, productive team processes, conflict management and communication

  • Providing organisational insight and foresight thorough skills gap analysis, succession planning, risk management and strategic alignment.

  • Individual leadership style personal brand, influence and persuasion

  • Wellbeing and stress management

  • Strategy achievement

  • Creating a more positive and productive culture

  • Succession planning

Other benefits

The three-day program is residential in nature, which we find amplifies the impact of the program. It is also limited to 15 participants across a variety of industries. Please refer to our events page to view our schedule for the year, join the waitlist via the form above or contact the DLPA Team.