Employment Pathway Project

DLPA is extremely proud of this initiative where we are looking at a different but rewarding way to address diversity based recruitment.

There are many people who are experiencing multiple barrier to paid employment, and equally there are many employers who a trying to engage in diversity based recruitment, however are struggling to achieve long term and sustainable participation. There are many reasons for this. DLPA is proud to run our Employment Pathways Program where we provide supported employment, tailored development and training and on-going opportunities for participants experiencing various forms of disadvantage. Through this program we ensure that participants are job-ready and in a position to thrive when they jobseek for their ideal career.
Participants remain in the program for at least 3 months up to 12 months dependent on nature of barrier and disadvantage.

Diversity based recruitment often fails for three key reasons:

The candidate is placed in an organisation with no further support

The organisation is not equipped to support a diverse workforce yet

Organisations cannot attract the right candidates themselves.

Partnering with Organisations

Through engaging DLPA you can provide work opportunities for people experiencing disadvantage. DLPA provides the support for the participants on projects so that the client organisations receive the same or better quality output as anyone in our industry, however our clients know that they are also providing learning opportunities and the dignity of paid employment to our participants.