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HR Policies

DLPA is extremely proud of this initiative where we are looking at a different but rewarding way to address diversity based recruitment. There are many women who are qualified, but are not in a position to enter the workforce because they are particularly vulnerable, as a result of having been through a crisis, be it as a refugee, a background in trauma (such as domestic violence),  low socio-economic background or challenges surrounding education. With the right level of tailored support (including critical ongoing support) these individuals can thrive and  become fully productive in employment. If you are interested in the Employment Pathways Program, please contact Karlie on or fill out the form below.

Employment Document Pack

Retail price $4,170

Covers all the basics of the employment lifecycle, including recruiting, orientation and leave 

Our price: $3,330

Performance Management Pack

Retail price $1,814

Covers correspondence, policies and checklists associated with appraisals and performance

Our price: $1,450

Employee Leave Pack

Retail price $1,814

Covers all templates about leave including parental leave, cashing out leave and leave without pay

From: $1,450

Work, Health and Safety Pack (WHS)

Retail price $7,167

Includes a comprehensive list of policies around safety from Vehicle Safety and Bullying through to Drug and Alcoho

Our price: $5,000

Domestic and Family Violence Leave Pack

Retail price $1,463

Covers essential templates relating to domestic and family violence leave 

Our price: $1,050

Comprehensive Policy Pack

Retail price $8,740

This pack will provide you with an entire suite of HR Polices for you to feel confident that you have everything covered.

From: $6,100

Is your business at risk?

The HR environment in Australia is growing increasingly complex. It is difficult for businesses to have a concrete sense of compliance while remaining up-to-date with their risk exposure.

Issues such as bullying and harassment, vicarious liability and revised modern award and pay systems only serve to further complicate the landscape.

Many small Australian businesses are fully engaged and evolving too rapidly to realistically prioritise defining policies.

DLPA is dedicated to assisting you in establishing your

Policies in both a time and cost-effective manner.

You can choose from any of the options above.

Each option includes contracts, templates and checklists, ranging from engagement letters and employment contracts through to first aid policies and workplace inspection checklists.

We simply require a few details to proceed in compiling your policies, which usually is completed within seven working days.

Not sure where to start? Book your free HR Risk Assessment here and we will provide you with essential guidance regarding your policies.

Our software is designed to support an outcome, not to offer a 'one size fits all' solution.