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Do you constantly feel the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? That other people you work with or live in your community, THEY seem to have it ALL! They get the great career breaks, have the perfect children, partner, teeth, and wardrobe – well you get the picture.

These feelings are something I see constantly, it’s endemic amongst smart professional women. They torture themselves by comparing themselves and their lives to others, finding a plethora of perceived shortcomings by comparison. Smart, intelligent, beautiful women, with much to give the world, are playing small, selling themselves short and beating themselves up, moment by moment, across the globe. It’s heart breaking to witness.

Comparison is the silent killer of your enthusiasm, your dreams, your vitality, your career, self-confidence and self belief – don’t you think it’s time to STOP IT?

The need to compare is toxic and limits your ability to achieve your own potential. What if you could just be present in your own magnificence and be able to celebrate the same in others? How different would your day-to-day experience be if you stopped mentally berating yourself for your perceived shortcomings and just got on with living your big full beautiful life?

AND Guess what?

While you’re popping those people up on your perfection pedestal, the same game is going on inside their heads too. Give it up NOW. It’s such a waste of your valuable time and energy! It’s a waste of YOU! You have so much to gain from believing in yourself and realising the potential that you have to bring to the world.

Question: Who could you be if you stopped comparing yourself to others and started using the energy to live your life, on your terms? That person is only a bit of self-confidence away!

We have THREE tips to break the Comparison Cycle:

1. Ask 3 -5 people closest to you to provide you with a list of 5 or more things they admire about you or see as your positive attributes. Choose a variety of individuals from those you love to those you lead.

2. Consolidate the list and pop it somewhere you can see it. Put a couple of your favourites on a card in your wallet, so each time you go to pay for something you’re reminded of how fabulous you really are.

3. Notice each time you launch into comparing yourself to someone else, be GENTLE with yourself and just remind yourself that you’re choosing not to do that any more. All you need to do is acknowledge that you’re seeing something fabulous in another person, which now becomes your opportunity to acknowledge something fabulous about you too.

It’s takes a little time and commitment to break the comparison cycle and it’s well worth the effort!

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We would love to hear your strategies and insights around the topic of comparison and how you find opportunities to be confident and embrace your own unique abilities and strengths!

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