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Through our bespoke programs, we aim to move beyond the one-size fits all mindset and become the leading provider of hybrid leadership and business consultancy.

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Women in Leadership Program

DLPA runs a 12-month program, with Ita Buttrose as our Ambassador, to provide targeted development, career progression and industry retention of women in leadership positions. The program includes a mix of self-paced, online and intensive learning experiences.                                                                              

Employment Pathways Program

As a registered social enterprise, we support people from disadvantaged backgrounds into employment and beyond. A tailored program to provide skills development, work experience and customised support into long term careers.


Workforce Strategy

An effective workforce strategy is imperative to ensure that organisations can source and retain the talent they require now, and also into the future. We craft unique and creative strategies to help you think differently about the workforce. DLPA works with organisations from strategy formulation through to implementation to ensure success.

Capability Training

DLPA creates inspiring and productive workshop environments in which each participant can learn and build new skills. From the 1-day Leadership Compass to the 12-month Dynamic Leadership Development Program, DLPA aligns team values and builds on each team’s skill base, creating change momentum for positive and productive workplace cultures.

Products and Tools

DLPA has a suite products and tools which may be used in isolation, or to support our programs.  The tools available include staff engagement surveys, 360-Degree Feedback Reviews, Capability Management Platforms and  Staff Development Platforms. All tools are able to completely customised to your needs by our team of experts.

Bespoke Programs

DLPA takes a holistic approach to business consultancy, recognising the key barriers of each industry and realising the untapped potential of each employee in the team environment. DLPA’s bespoke programs respond to each client’s needs and prepares each leadership team with the skills to exceed business strategy objectives.

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Explored under the key themes of Productivity, Profit, People, and Proficiency, DLPA offers modules that develop hard and soft skills, including, but not limited to, communication, collaboration, business acumen, social intelligence, and conflict management. We pride ourselves on tailoring our program modules to each organisation’s values, and short-term and long-term goals.

What Our Customers Have to Say

The course was picked for me, whilst I was apprehensive at first, I embraced it and got a huge amount out of it. I really enjoyed being away from work to concentrate and take in all the wonderful views from a great team of people who "let themselves go" in the course and contributed a huge amount of knowledge and expertise. I have already recommended it to my team and I am waiting on the next level of content that I will be attending. I recommend this course if you want to elevate your career and personal drive.

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