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Supporting you to embed your strategy is the core of who we are.

What problem will our Performance Manager solve?

You can invest all the money you want into the development of your team, if it is not aligned with your strategy, and not able to be implemented, then it won’t create any value, particularly long term.

DLPA invests a considerable amount of time in understanding the specific challenges faced by your organisation. From there, we structure a specially designed solution, collaborating with your team and ours, strengthening team structures, and aligning values to company objectives.

Committed to taking a holistic approach to business, DLPA recognises the priorities and industry factors that impact the strategy and performance of your business.

DLPA puts your organisation on the right track to achieving continuous superior results.

Workforce Strategy

For businesses to stay competitive and relevant into the future, it is imperative that they have a well considered workforce strategy.

We work with businesses to craft unique and relevant workforce strategy which will ensure the business can attract and retain the exact talent it needs to be successful, now and well into the future.

Policy Review and Risk Assessment

For many HR Practitioners, compliance is a word that conjures up fear and worry. With the new legislative changes taking effect here in Australia, it is important to ensure that your forms, agreements, checklists and policies are up-to-date and are doing the job that they are meant to. DLPA has access to a large library of templates that can help you with this. In the first instance, we recommend a free HR Risk assessment, which will provide you with a report, that will go some of the way to putting you in the right direction.

Capability Frameworks

In order to execute strategy, an organisation needs to be aware of both the behaviours and skills that are needed to bring it to life. An effective way of doing this is to create a capability framework, designed exclusively for your organisation, and based on best-practice workforce strategy. Also check out our capability tool, which provides an on-line platform to manage and access your capability.

Process Architecture

Like your strategy and the business itself, so too your processes must be engineered and designed to ensure competitive advantage and efficiency. We will review your whole process map, or an individual process, and design a more efficient and effective solution.

Change Readiness Assessments

Before embarking on any major change project, it is imperative to ensure that you, your people, your structures and processes, and even your suppliers are able to survive through the impact. A change readiness assessment will help put your mind at rest, and ensure you start with a strong foundation.

Software designed to support an outcome.

Not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

A development plan that allows for goals to be captured, measured and discussed throughout the year, leading to greater productivity and increasingly desirable business outcomes.