Our Events & Training Programs

DLPA offers a number of training programs and events to grow your team.

You can choose from one of our public events or programs or work with us to come up with bespoke solutions. Another exciting option is to choose a hybrid option, where you get the cost and cross-pollination benefits of a public program with the advantages of tailoring to your specific requirements.

We host our programs and events across Australia. Check out our upcoming schedule on our events page.

One of our key differentiators is the immersive element of our programs, which are often held in a high-quality retreat location. Away from the distraction of work and family life, the participants can spend quality time focusing on their development. 

Check out our workshops which are available in full-day, half-day, or even breakfast format.

The Dynamic Leader

The Dynamic Leadership Program is DLPA’s signature program. It empowers participants to optimise their professional performance by providing organisational insight and foresight through skills gap analysis, succession planning, risk management, and strategic alignment. A key focus of this program is on resilience and driving innovation, particularly through times of change and adversity.

Generalised Management Training

Many organisations invest in leadership training, but if the essential skills required to manage others are missing, then often this is a wasted exercise. Our residential Generalised Management Training covers the critical skills required to manage people and other resources and is suitable for both managers and emerging managers.

Women in Construction Lunches

DLPA is serious about changing the conversation about increasing the participation levels of women in industry. Whilst some people are fatigued by this topic, the reality is that such under-representation is not good for business. We regularly host lunches in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane that are open to all women and men who are interested in having a robust conversation.

Employment Pathways Program

A 12-month program that looks at diversity-based recruitment in a completely different way, giving people from disadvantaged backgrounds the chance to thrive in work and life. This is possible through a strong support foundation, personalised coaching and training, and the dignity of meaningful work.

Bespoke and hybrid programs

In addition to our public events and programs, DLPA is available to provide customised programs to meet your specific strategic objectives. We welcome your input via a co-design approach if you like. Additionally, we offer hybrid programs, where our public programs are enhanced by additional support and consultancy for your teams.

Our software is designed to support an outcome, not to offer a 'one size fits all' solution.