The future of work after the Coronavirus pandemic: 9 trends for HR leaders

Organisations can differentiate themselves from competitors during the COVID-19 pandemic by leveraging the nine ongoing trends, according to Gartner, Inc. These trends are broken into three categories: accelerating trends, new impacts that were not previously part of the future of work discussion, and pendulum swings – temporary shorter-term reactions. “Business leaders must understand the large […]

Can we enforce our staff to download the COVIDSafe app?

The Australian government’s strong advocacy for the use of its new tracking app ‘COVIDSafe’ has presented a new COVID-19 issue for employers. COVIDSafe is being promoted as a way to keep ‘yourself and your community safe’. Given the workplace safety risk of COVID-19 for almost all workplaces (and their clients and customers), should employers be […]

Jacinda Ardern as a Model of Female Leadership

Over the past few months, each and every world leader has faced the same unprecedented challenge almost in unison, with uninterrupted media coverage ensuring that their every move is recorded. The scrutiny is relentless – much like the virus itself – and whether a president, prime minister, chancellor or supreme leader, competence and skill pertaining […]

Benefits and Challenges of Diversity-Based Employment

As organisations and businesses evolve, so do expectations for them to embrace diversity and change. It is not just about ticking boxes and reaching quotas, but about building a better business from the core and reaping the tangible and intangible rewards. ‘Diversity’ might be a hot topic for HR departments across the globe, but in […]

How to go about recruitment during COVID-19

We’ve all seen footage of the long queues of newly-unemployed people outside Centrelink, but a paradox of the coronavirus pandemic is that some industries and businesses suddenly find themselves requiring a lot more employees. Examples include the obvious one of health care, as well as supermarkets, call centres, home delivery services, online shopping services, security […]